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We Love Jam, Blackberry Walnuts, 9 oz


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This is a jam we have made since the very beginning and is the second jam we created after the apricot long before we started this business. It started when we discovered abundant wild blackberry bushes growing up in Tilden park in north Berkeley in 2002 close to a friend's house. Just like our apricot jam, the genesis of this came about spontaneously in the kitchen by adding some walnuts and vanilla without a second thought. Adding nuts to jam didn't seem that strange since we are big peanut butter and jam eaters, and the combination of nuts with fruit seemed second nature. Over the years we have transitioned from adding chunks of nuts to grinding them so the texture is smoother. In fact, only a tiny amount was added. About 8 months ago we stopped adding the walnuts since the amount added was so tiny it seemed pointless. No one has noticed the difference, confirming our suspision the walnuts were irrelevent. Once we run out of the current labels, they will be changed to just say blackberry.

Like our raspberry, mango, passion fruit jam, the blackberry seeds have not been removed because research has shown seeds to be packed with healthful compounds - just like quinoa - also a seed, or sesame seeds - are very good for you!