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Moloko Ice Cream, Condensed Milk Swirl, 1 Pint


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The story of Moloko Ice Cream Co. is the story about my family, the Miskevich's. In the 70's, my parents immigrated to the US from Russia, leaving the Soviet culture behind for the endless possibilities and freedoms of the West. First landing in NYC, then moving on west, eventually making their way to Los Angeles, where my family had finally settled. In 1995, I (Jonathan) was born. It so happened that in the early 2000's my parents had to move back to St.Petersburg, Russia, where they took me and my 2 younger sisters. That's where I was first introduced to the flavors of Russia. Being 7 years old, the impressions of Russian food and desserts, especially ice cream, have been stamped into my palette forever. 

Now, living back in California with part of my family reunited, I made it my mission to introduce the delights of Russian style Ice Cream (Plombir) to the American public. Traditional Russian ice cream makers always ensured that they were making the highest quality product with the best ingredients, and so we are committed to the same tradition, using the highest quality organic ingredients on the market as well as Kosher standards.