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Girl Meets Dirt, Donut Peach with Lime, Spoon Preserve, 7.75 oz


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The second release from our friends across the mountains, this was super fun to make. We're pretty partial to donuts in general, but when they come shaped like a peach, and taste like a peach, we're floored. Introducing our 'Donut' Peach with Lime Preserves - glorious heirloom Saturn peaches (aka 'Donut') grown meticulously & naturally by Smallwood Farms in Okanogan, Washington, shaped like a donut & accented with organic lime juice. Perfectly suitable for adults, this jam reminds Audra of a certain super hot summer spent mostly in the backyard with her best friend, store bought peaches, seven-up, ice, a blender, and a boombox. It's THAT good. Nowadays she'd recommend pairing it with stinky cheese (Taleggio!!) and salty meat (coppa, coppa, coppa, but really, coppa). Oh- and ice cream!


ingredients:  Smallwood Farms donut peaches, organic cane sugar, organic lime juice.

7.75 ounces.

Handmade on Orcas Island