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Fresh Vintage Farms, California Cold Pressed & Roasted Almond Oil, 375ml


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We want to tell you right off the bat, not all almond oils are created equal… Is ours better? Darn right! There is a big difference between cold pressed (Virgin) Almond Oil that we offer and all those “Sweet Almond Oil” cans you see on shelves at low prices.  For starters, they are pressed using expellers at 450+ degrees, secondly they use old, rancid almonds that aren’t able to be fed to humans and then hyper-refine them into a state that they still claim to be “Almond Oil”.  

Our Almond Oil is cold pressed using similar machines used to produce Virgin Olive Oil. We use fresh almonds from Farms and Farmers that we know to be good stewards of the land and environment.  We take pride in what we sell, because it is the same product we use in our kitchens at home.