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Pickup & Delivery FAQs

How does Farmshop Grocery Delivery work?

Farmshop couldn't be easier! When you place an order, we'll bring it to your doorstep. If you order by midnight Monday - Sunday, we'll deliver your order the next day. Farmshop has limited delivery slots per day, and next-day delivery is available while slots last so finalize your orders quickly! For our members, we’ll pick up your bags and the glass jars from your last order at your doorstep.

Do you have delivery windows?

We're happy to explain how our delivery windows work!

You will receive a text and an email when your order is leaving our facilities with a 6-hour delivery window. We group orders so the delivery routes are optimally efficient with a goal to complete all deliveries before 6 pm each day. Once your order arrives at your door you'll also receive an email and text so you can grab your items as soon as possible.

Please note: Our notifications process is manual at the moment, so the timing may be slightly early or later than expected. It's something we are working on and do appreciate your patience during this time.

Are there delivery fees?


Is there an order minimum?

There is no order minimum with every order.

Do I have to pay a jar deposit?

We don't currently charge a jar deposit for members, which allows us to offer cheaper pricing to our customers. We charge your card $40 for all the jars that you still have on hand if and when your membership ends. Once you return all outstanding jars and bags, the jar hold is refunded. Jar pricing is already included in non-member purchases, so feel free to keep the jars.

Where does the food come from?

We try to purchase produce locally as much as possible! In-season items are more likely to be local and out of season are more likely to come from further away. 

How do you avoid cross-contamination?

We make sure that we maintain FDA approved standards in our process. When we are packing the products we use assigned scoops and funnels for each product to avoid cross contamination. We also change gloves and have regular hand washing throughout the packing process. Jars are cleaned at high temperatures and sanitized so no remnants of the previous contents remain.

We are also way more hygienic than a bulk grocery store! We package in our closed, sanitary warehouse while bulk stores are open to the public to shop and dig through the bins.

Are the jars clean? How do you clean them?

Yes! We run all our jars through a commercial grade washer, which are then sanitized. This process is similar to any restaurant or packing facility.

What happens to chilled items?

We deliver your chilled items in an insulated bag with cool packs. We recommend collecting your groceries and placing them in your freezer or fridge as soon as possible if you are not enjoying the items right away.

I have a problem with one of my items, what do I do?

Oh no, we're sorry to hear there was an issue with something you ordered. Please email our Grocery team ( and we'll be happy to further assist you. We have high standards for our products, so if any of our products do not meet your standards, let us know and we'll take care of you!

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact our Customer Service team is by emailing us at Feel free to message us 24/7, 365 and we will get back to you as quickly as possible!