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Big Spoon Roaster, Hot Mamba, 13 oz


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Peanuts, Guajillo, Ancho and Habanero Chiles, Raw Organic Cane Sugar, and Jacobsen Sea Salt

Winner of a 2017 Southern Living Food Award!

Spicy peanut butter is one of Haiti’s most popular condiments, and it’s present in almost every one of the country's households and food markets. Called Mamba for short after the Creole word for peanut, it is most often made with ground peanuts blended with dried Scotch BonnetGhost, and/or Habanero chiles and eaten with bread, thin cassava crackers, or plantain chips. Beloved by almost everyone, it's known to be a favorite, nourishing part of children’s breakfasts before they head off to school.